Chris keeps me on track! He’s personable, realistic, and the MOST motivating. Laws of Fitness Downtown has the familiarity of a small gym, without ever feeling crowded or intimidating.
— Bailey M.
All the trainers and instructors I’ve worked with at Laws of Fitness have been incredible. There are classes for everyone, including kids and seniors, and it’s a welcoming and energetic atmosphere.
— Paul H.
The personalized attention and unique mix of training opportunities at Laws of Fitness Downtown has me looking forward to working out again. Strongly recommended!
— Hector A.
The compassion Chris has for his clients is like no other. He goes above and beyond and genuinely cares about your well being. He motivates you and makes your goals achievable. Chris has made me love fitness. He has helped me reach my goals and has helped me tremendously in changing my lifestyle and loving it every step of the way.
— Rebecca S.
I have been training with Chris for several years now and can attest to his desire to help others to be the best they can be when it comes to their physical condition.
— Joey M.
Chris has worked with me on and off for years now and once I become dedicated to making a change, it’s amazing how he trains and coaches me and the changes I see happen.
— Danielle B.
I love Laws of Fitness. Everyone is friendly and fun to be around. Chris is always helpful and has a positive attitude. The boot camp class is great!
— Phyllis M.
I’ve been training with Chris Law for a few years now, and he’s always there to help me achieve my health and fitness goals. He’s so encouraging and always challenges me to do my best. He’s by far the best trainer I’ve ever worked with!
— Sarah A.