personal training

Goals are Made to be Crushed

Train with our experts to drive your results.


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One-on-One Training

Lose Body Fat & Build Strength

Educated and experienced Laws of Fitness personal trainers evaluate all new clients and develop a workout plan based on ability, experience, and goals. Trainers use a wide range of tools and equipment including kettle bells, medicine balls, jump ropes, training ropes, weighted sled, and dumbbells. We continuously adjust our clients’ programs based on progress and goals.

Sports Specific Training

Optimize Performance & Improve Physical Conditioning

Laws of Fitness has training packages available for most sports including golf, baseball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, track & field, and football. Training packages are customized for all levels and ages, ranging from teens to adults. Our trainers emphasize sport-specific skills and execution to improve performance.

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Small Group Training

Fostering accountability & Support

This training option capitalizes on a small group environment of 2-4 people with workouts scaled to accommodate a variety of fitness levels. The sessions align members with similar goals and interests and allow us to create a cost-effective personal training option for our members. The small group atmosphere fosters a sense of fun and accountability. It’s a program in which members can support one another through their fitness journey.